Great Ink makes headlines for its work and industry leadership. We proudly share these stories and highlights.

The following is a selection of media placements for Great Ink and a brief summary of each.


Ms. Donovan is President of Great Ink, one of the country’s leading real estate-focused public relations firms, a business she founded in 1992. Her firm represents the full spectrum of the industry—commercial, residential, finance, legal, construction, design, advisory, information services, and trade organizations in New York and nationally. In addition to securing controlled, steady positive media coverage for her clients, she’s expert in crisis communications, and is a trusted branding advisor for companies, and marketing consultant for their assets.

summary premiered the new music video for “Am I The Only Reason?” a song off the recently released EP, “Sundays,” by the Loose Buttons.  When he’s not at Great Ink, lead singer Eric Nizgretsky is truly a rockstar!


For more than 20 years Great Ink – one of the nation’s leading real estate public relations firms – has been focused on two things: getting “great ink” for its clients; and assembling a dedicated, stable team of outstanding professionals to deliver that “ink” every day. “I’m as proud of the quality and longevity of my team as I am of our amazing client list and work we perform,” says Roxanne Donovan, Great Ink’s founder and president. “The PR world is acknowledged for its journeyman mentality, but I’m fortunate to have a group of professionals who are committed to working together to achieve the best results – promoting and protecting our clients – for many years as a consistent force.”


Roxanne Donovan, founder and president of Great Ink Communications, used the “beautiful, brilliant and great writer,” Lois Lane as her guide for a life in real estate PR. As Ms. Donovan tells Michael Stoler, she attended the Newhouse School of Public Communications, at Syracuse University, took many jobs, met many people, leading to Great Ink Communications, one of the country’s finest real estate focused public relations firms.

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